Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Photo credit: Pinterest

Couple kissing in a bar in Cologne, Germany, 1956.


Cooling off

Hat: Forever21  Buttondown: Mango  Jeans: H&M  Shoes: Coco Perla

So apparently most of Europe is cooling off after a month long of harsh heatwave. 
Quite happy that the weather is being bearable (at least for now!)


Monday, 27 July 2015

Paléo Festival: Saturday

Top & Jeans: H&M  Leather jacket: Mango  Booties: Anna Field

Saturday was round 2 of Paléo Festival with my lads.. 
The weather has cooled off so long sleeved tee & jeans were to the party! 

Probably the best people to spend the festival with! Had such a good time! 

Soprano (French singer)

Happy Léonie at a happy Paléo!!!

This photo is nonsense, but the best pic ever..

Yep we saw Joan Baez live.. hope y'all jelly of us now! 

When I was telling you they were the best kind of peeps to go to festival with.. here is why! 

One thing I love about festivals, besides the concerts is the food court. 
Literally you can find any kind of food, from every horizon and varied!

When you bump onto some long lost friends.. forever a pleasure!

We also got to see Robert Plant, the lead singer of Led Zeppelin. One of my favourite show!

Siriusmo, a German DJ trio I had never heard of, but glad to have caught a bit of their set, it was mindblowing! 

When in Paléo.. roaming around the festival

Paléo Festival is officially over, A 40th edition we're not ready to forget. 
Thank you Paléo 2015 for the good times. Thank you for always surprising me over the years. 
Thank you for being one of the Europe's best festival. Cannot wait to meet you again in 2016! Until next time! 


Friday, 24 July 2015

Finally got the strength to go through a couple of my pictures from the roadtrip. 
Still over 700 to go through, but I had to start somewhere right? 
Anyway, we drove off bright and early for our very first destination PARISWe had a pit stop in Dijon along the way. 


The hostel we stayed at (Friends Hostel). Wouldn't recommend this one to be honest, for the 3 days we spent in there. 
All I was waiting for was getting out of it.. the area leaves a lot to be desired. 
Plus the rooms were full of bedbugs and stuff, seriously even though it is cheap. 
I recommend you putting a few more euros and go to a place in a better condition. 
Apart from that, the terrace was pretty cool.

Le Louvre, had to go there as it was my friend's first time in Paris, so we did a lot of touristy stuff

Typical Paris, probably one out of many reasons I love this city so much!

Hey, it's us! Tired and sweaty, but still enjoying our first day like kids meeting Mickey for the first time! 

Told you, touristy stuff..

Every little street of Paris at night has its little charm, even plain & empty.

Smoking kills, I know, but what can you do? 

Of course shopping sesh was required.. You'll see I love taking myself while in the dressing room, God knows why..

L'Arc the Triomphe

Jardin des Tuileries. Greyish day while roaming around but still looking beautiful. 
It's so peaceful over there, highly recommended!

Visited the Sacré Coeur (another touristy stop) and had the most mind blowing view of the roofs of Paris. 
This photo doesn't do it justice, but it was breathtaking!

Ruth Noemi & Noémi just chilling & asking passersby to snap a picture of them two.

Burgers at La Favorite, in Le Marais.

Yep, we've seen this bad boy twice, but this time from afar & alit. 

Next top: Saint-Malo/ Saint-Lunaire.