Saturday, 4 July 2015

Roadtrip 2015: Packing up

My roadtrip is now in less than 48 hours.
I decided then to show you what kind of stuff (clothing) I am taking along with me. 
We're going to France, there is a a freaking heatwave hitting Europe. 
The lower temperature we will be having is 24°C and once the sun will go down. 
So lightweight and airy clothes it is! 

 From left to right: Anna Field chelsea boots  Adidas Originals  Forever21  Primark leppo booties  Birkenstock

Boobs holders
 From top left to bottom right: CK bralette + triangle bra  Triangl  H&M triangle bra  H&M bralette  eBay triangle bra

 From top left to right: Shorts: Wrangler, Levi's, H&M + DIY  Trousers: Cult vintage

 From top left to bottom right: Zara braided back dress  Forever21 Boho dress  Mango criss cross dress  Zara Marinière dress

Dungies & rompers
 Dungaries: thrifted  Rompers: Zara

Upper body coverers
 From top left to bottom right: H&M Conscious  H&M Men tank top  Pimkie neon tank  Zara cropped vest  Bershka crop top  Zara alter neck

 From left to right: Hideaway T: thrifted  Che Guevara T: thrifted  Destroyed T: thrifted + DIY

 From left to right: vintage  H&M striped buttondown  H&M loose buttondown

 From left to right: thrifted  Mexx thin cover up  Vintage jumper  Vintage denim jacket

Beach wear
 Bikini: Max Drive  Tunic: H&M  Straw hat: Market

 Glasses: Market  Hat: F21  Arm cuffs: F21  Rings: H&M, market, gifted, eBay, .. Belt: thrifted

Shoulder stripes
Tote Bag: gifted  Bucket bag: eBay


Friday, 3 July 2015

June tunes (revisions edition)

Free People - A Pony For All Occasions  The 1975 - An Encounter & Menswear  Stromae - Dodo  Duck House - Flaw  Harrison - Shine a Light  
Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah  Matt Simons - Catch & Release (Deepend remix)  Parov Stelar - Catgroove  Mesita - Foreign Films  
Box of Light - Gone Forever  The Cranberries - Ode to my Family  Broke for Free - Summer Spliffs & XXV

Here are the tunes I've been enjoying throughout this month of June. As I was through exams mode all month of June, decided to share out with you a selection of my revision faves, hence why some of them are just lyricless music. 
Don't forget to click on the titles in bold so you can enjoy listening to the tunes too! 



Twosie: Zara  Bag: eBay  Heels: H&M

This outfit I sported for my graduations yesterday! Opted for a two-piece as I wanted something that really was my cup of tea. I love to stand out and whilst all the girls wore beautiful dresses, I was the one with a cropped top and a skirt. Apparently very 50's. Got complemented all around about this outfit and the plus thing with it is that I can pair each piece with something else such as shorts or trousers with the top and other kind of tops with the bottom.

Still can't quite believe that college (high school) is officially done for me.. Uni life is now 2 months away and I really can't wait to experience it! And finally study what I am interested in! Bye, bye maths and other useless school subjects which haunted my scholar life for the past 15 years, glad to know I am not going to face you anymore! But now let me get ready for my roadtrip coming up this Monday!!!! 


Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Hat: H&M  Top: Bershka  Jeans: Cult vintage  Trench: thrifted  Tote bag: gifted

So.. I passed my EXAMS. Gonna get my GSCE on Thursday & going on a ROADTRIP on Monday. 
My life is pretty good at the moment if you'd ask..


Saturday, 27 June 2015


So this is it. Ended the exams an hour ago.. what a relief that is! 
 Getting my life back again and it feels good. Real good. 
Results on Monday, graduation on Thursday.


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Feeling it

Hat: F21  Leather Jacket: Romantica  Top: Bershka  Jeans & booties: vintage


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

My kind of relationship

Photo credit: Pinterest

Now just need to find myself a handsome bearded man and this is definitely what I picture us doing every morning during Summer.